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Team Building: How to Find Double Birth Orders

Team members with double birth orders can have 
a devastating effect on a team. Single birth orders 
the Only, firstborn, second born, third born and 
fourth born all have both positive and negative
aspects. When a person has a double birth order 
they have 2 positive and 2 negative personality 
characteristics. Fellow team members will have 
great difficulty working with these people.

There Are No Bad Birth Orders
One may think that there are bad birth orders.  This
is not the case. There are not Bad birth orders just 
differences.  Its understanding the differences that 
can make you and your team’s life less stressful and 
more productive. Double birth orders can be very
good for a business if you know how to use their 
special talents. Letting them work alone on projects 
and not on a team will be beneficial.
Double Only Birth Orders
Each of the single birth orders can be paired with an 
Only birth order when there is a space of at least 4 
years between any child both above and below their 
order of birth. The possibilities are: One/Only, 
Two/Only, Three/Only and Four/Only. The Only birth 
order amplifies, intensifies, and magnifies the personality 
characteristics of the individual birth order.  The greater
the distance between the two birth orders the greater the 
personality fluctuation. The One/Only will have far less 
personality fluctuation then the Four/Only.
Double Ordinal Birth Orders
These birth orders occur when there are four of more 
years between groups of siblings.  When this happens
 the second group is more like a second family of 
children.  The oldest has to operate like a firstborn but 
they also have their own numerical number of birth.   
They could be the second, third, fourth, or fifth birth. 
Numbers such as 2/1, 3/1, 4/2, 2/3, 4/1 are the most 
common.  Just like the Only double birth orders the 
greater apart the numbers the greater the difference in
their personalities.

Double Birth Order Questionnaire
How to find the Double Birth Orders on your team. 
This simple questionnaire will reveal the “real” birth  
order of your team member.
   Answer the following questions to find 
     if you have a  Double Birth Order  

1.      How many siblings are in your family?
 (include steps and halves that you lived with) 
2.      What is your number?  (count from oldest to you)
3.      Were you the  FIRSTBORN and your next sibling was
four or more years younger? no, proceed to #4               
yes, add an ONLY # to your birth order and stop here.
4.      Did you have any siblings older than you with handicaps
or died before you were 16yrs old? no, proceed to #6.              
yes, move yourself up 1 B/O# for each death or severe
5.      Did the death or handicap of the sibling older than you
create a gap of 4 or more years between you and your
next oldest sibling? no, proceed to #12         
yes, proceed to #6
6.      Is the sibling who is immediately older than you,
older by 4 or more years? no, proceed to #7          
yes, add a Only # to your B/O#  and proceed to #11
7.      Did you have 2 older siblings?  Where was the 4 or 
      more year gap between ages?  no, proceed to #8                  
 yes, Between 1&2?   Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed 
 to #12
                      yes, Between 2& me?  Add a #1 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
8.      Did you have 3 older siblings? Where was the 4 or
       more gap between ages?  no, proceed to #9      
 yes, Between 1&2?    Add a #3 to your B/O# proceed
 to #12
                      yes, Between 2&3?    Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
                      yes, Between 3& me?  Add a #1 to your B/O# proceed
                      to #12
9.      Did you have 4 older siblings? Where was the 4 or 
       more year gap between ages? no, proceed to #10          
 yes, Between 1&2?    Add a  #4 to your B/O# proceed 
 to #12
                      yes, Between  2&3?   Add a  #3 to your B/O# proceed
                      to #12
                      yes, Between  3&4?   Add a  #2 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
                      yes, Between  4& me?  Add a  #1 to your B/O# 
                      proceed to #12
10.    Did you have 5 older siblings?  Where was the 4 or 
       more year gap between ages? no, proceed to #11         
        yes, Between 1&2 Add a #4 to your B/O# proceed 
        to #1
        yes, Between 2&3 Add a #3 to your B/O# proceed to
        yes, Between 3&4 Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed to
        yes, Between 4&5 add a #1 to your B/O# proceed 
        to #1
        yes, Between 5& me add a #2 to tour B/O# proceed 
        to #12
11.  Do you have an immediate younger sibling no more
 than 3 years younger?  no, proceed to #12          
 yes, add a #1 to your B/O#   (remove the ONLY number)
12.  Is your next younger sibling more than 4 years 
       younger? no, nothing changes              
         yes, replace any secondary # with an Only number to 
         your Birth Order number.. 

     The following people have Double Birth orders that 
                        add the Only Characteristic: (0)
    Sylvester Stallone    Sean Connery        Monica Lewinsky
    Bill Clinton               Judge Judy             Mick Jagger 
    Jon Bon Jovi            Barack Obama       Bernie Sanders
    Britney Spears         Ellen DeGeneres    Jerry Springer
    Jennifer Aniston      Brian Williams       Howard Stern 
    Adolf Hitler              Robin Williams      Suzanne Somers
    Oprah Winfrey        John Wayne            Valdimir  Putin
    Eli Manning             Dr. Phil McGraw     Billy Carter 
    Honey Boo Boo         Paul Ryan               Ted Cruz

      The following people have Double Birth orders
                  with only Ordinal Numbers: (1,2,3,4)
    Walt Disney        Donald Trump          Khloe Kardashian 
    Will Smith          Robert Kardashian  Harry Reid
    Princess Diana   Kim Jong-un             Glenn Beck
    Jeb Bush             Marco Rubio             Katie Couric

  To find the Double Birth orders of these people and learn
  more about yours contact me, Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst through
  my website at  Even better, buy my
  book:   Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path
  Throughout Life.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Why Use Birth Order for Successful Team Building


Webster’s dictionary defines the word Team as:
number of persons associated together in work or 
activity. All of us at one time or another have 
worked as part of a team.  Many people think of 
their fellow workers as their  other family.  They 
can spend as much time with this work family as 
they do their home family.  Both of these families 
can be enjoyable or dysfunctional.  Birth order can 
explain why.

Birth Orders
For those of you that have never heard an explanation 
of birth order there are 5 ordinal or single number 
birth orders. The Only child, 0. The firstborn #1, 
second born #2, third born #3 and fourth born #4. 
If families are larger than four children and there are 
no gaps between individual children larger than three 
years then the birth order numbers repeat. They 
become 5=1, 6=2, 7=3, 8=4. These second level birth 
orders show muted characteristics of their counterpart 
birth orders. All birth orders have both positive 
and negative predictable personality characteristics.

The Dysfunctional Family or Team
A team is nothing more than a family that doesn’t live in your house. At home a family becomes dysfunctional when someone doesn’t perform the duties of their birth order or tries to steal the birth order of another sibling. This behavior is known as sibling rivalry. The same is truth in the work place. When someone doesn’t do their job others have to pitch in, team killing resentment takes place.
The Power is in Your Number
Like a family, those at the office with the lowest numbers, the 0nly or #1 want to take charge.  Should the Only or firstborn be in a subordinate role, working under someone with a higher birth order number such as a #2, #3 or #4 they will not be happy.  Each birth order has something to offer but only if in the right position.  Thankfully, given enough time most people find their perfect job. Wouldn’t it be nice to start there and not take 20 years to find it?

Double birth orders: The Death of the Team
If births are spaced 4 or more years apart or there are groups of children separated from other groups by four or more years we get Double birth orders. One type of Double birth order is an ordinal number combined with the Only birth order, 1/0,2/0.3/0,4/0. The other type is seen when two or more groups in the family have a four-year separation. Their Double numbers are ordinal, 3/1, 4/2, 5/3 etc.

Why are Double Birth Order Team Killers?
People with Double birth orders have two different personalities.  When growing up in the home they had their own individual family, because of the large gap in age between their siblings. Because of the difference in age the siblings didn’t have to interact.  In the workplace these people are difficult to work with as their fellow workers never know which person has come to work.  The adjustments can be overwhelming.

President Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick
These two people have Double Birth orders.  President Trump is a #4/1 Double birth order.  The #4 gives him childlike behavior, his compulsion to use twitter to express himself.  The #1 birth order gives him adult behavior. Very difficult for team development for the people that work with him will always be on edge. Colin Kaepernick is a #3/0 Double birth order.  He has his own agenda driven by his sensitivity expressing his #3 birth order. The selfish side of the #Only birth order allows him to ignore the destruction his behavior has on his team.

More Team Building Information
 My next blog will give you more information on team building and how to follow a simple algorithm questionnaire to find both types of Double birth orders.  You can find even more information in my book, website, or blogs.  Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life  by Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst